In other words, it is the content market. Authors create authentic pieces on the topics they are interested in and sell them at reasonable prices. This content can help fill your websites/pages with high-quality themed materials.

  • When you buy a content item out, you receive the copyright. The content is then removed from the Marketplace.
  • When you rent a content item, it remains available to other clients and can still be rented or bought out.
  • Rented content cannot be indexed in search engines as it violates our copyright transfer policy. Any proven fact of hacked indexing for rented content violates our Terms and Conditions and creates liability of the violating party.

justContent Marketplace

Content in the Marketplace

Each content item in the Marketplace has the following properties:

  • Its author’s name and rating. The rating depends on the author’s efficiency and demand for their work. The more frequently they create and sell new content, the higher the author’s rating
  • Interests. Presented as tags, they reveal the content’s theme and intention
  • Type (format): long-form article, listicle, etc
  • Language
  • Price – the cost of buying the content and the copyright

Please note!

The content created by high-rated authors is always in demand. Its price can be considerably higher.

Click on the content item to see its contents and make sure you can use it. Copy and distribution of the content obtained through the just Marketplace are only allowed through the methods described in our Terms and Conditions. Other ways of copying and distribution violate our Terms and Conditions and create liability of the violating party.

Purchasing content in the Marketplace

To rent or buy out content in just, open Content Marketplace, click on the content item you want to get and make a choice in the popup window: rent or buy out.

The payment is realized through the payment system connected to your group account. If you are the group admin, you can connect the payment system to your account by opening Account Finances Add Payment.

justContent Marketplace

If no payment system has been connected to your group account, you can pay for the content as you purchase it. In this case, payment by invoice is not available; you can only make the payment by card.

After you have bought the content out, it will be moved to My Content and concealed from the Marketplace. No other client of just will have access to it. If you delete the content you have bought out, it will return to its slot in the Marketplace. You will be able to buy it out again – for free.

Renting content in the Marketplace

You can rent content for free; however, you will only be able to publish it without indexing.

  • If you’re publishing through just, rented content will automatically be closed from indexing.
  • If you’re publishing content manually, you should add the <meta name="robots" content="noindex"/> tag to the page where the rented content will be published.

justContent Marketplace

Please note!

According to our Terms and Conditions, if we discover an indexed manual publication of a content item rented from just, we reserve the right to require that you buy the published content out.

If another client of just buys out a content item you rented before, it will still be available in My Content for your group account until you delete it. You can’t buy this content out, though, because the copyright now belongs to the client who purchased it.