Communication Integration

Shortening links for campaigns is a simple yet important step that helps optimize your message length and keep it within the character limit for SMS messages. By shortening your links, we make a lot of room for the actual text but keep all the personalized parameters that are essential to tracking the performance of your SMS campaigns.

Links can be shortened to 18 characters—in addition to your domain name.


  1. All links used in campaigns set up in just are shortened automatically.
  2. The shortened link will use the domain name of the website the campaign is created for.
  3. Please make sure there is no additional URL redirection from the page your campaign link takes your users to.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Tracker Integration:

  1. Make sure your websites have been registered in the ecosystem. To do that, open Account Websites.
  2. Create an empty page on your website at and make sure the tracker Just has been installed on that page. To make redirecting as quick as possible, we recommend that you keep this page empty.
  3. Create an SMS campaign.
  4. Add a link to the message body, e.g.:
Target link

The shortening takes place when the actual message for the actual user is generated. When you preview your campaign, you’ll see a dummy link. You shortened links will look like this:

Shorterned link

Please note!

In just, links are automatically shortened in every campaign. Before setting up your SMS campaign, please make sure the just tracker has been installed on your website.

🥷 Coming soon...

Tracker Just

To access the just tracker, you need to add the following script to your page:

The just tracker script
<script src=""></script>
Make sure there is a just.config.json file in the root of your project. This file contains the projectKey assigned to you during your integration with just.
Sample just.config.json file
  "projectKey": "XXX"
Learn more about how you can get your projectKey here.