Release (1.0.2)

In this release the following sections were updated: SMS lists, Segments, Content publishing

Send section

  • In campaigns lists were added campaign costs
  • Now for planning campaigns we added the next sending date
  • Change view of campaign statuses

SMS campaigns

Content section

We added a checkbox "Do not index this content" before publishing your content

  • If checked - added No index in meta
  • If not checked - published with indexation

Content no index

Rented content always publish with NO INDEX!

Segemtns section

Segments list

  • You can now search segments by site or by name.
  • Segments now have the total profiles and update time in the list
  • Adding progress of updating segments
  • Filtering segments list by profiles amount or by last upadte

Content no index

Segment view

  1. Update time block

  2. The date of update, amount of profiles (increase/decrease)

  3. First line in the table - the next date of segement will update (marked as "next update")
  4. You can download all the segment history in .csv

Content no index

  1. Campaigns block

  2. There are the list of campaigns where this segment is included

  3. Added the button "Create new campaign" to instantly create a new campaign with this segment

Content no index

Create new segment

First of all, we have updated the segments rules and segment profiles precalculation. We added more connectors between rules. Now we have not only "AND" connection but "OR" also. The rules now can be setup in dropdown block and not from popup window.

Content no index

The segment rules:

Rule Description
Profile registration time When the profile was registered in just database. Choose particular date or date range
Subscription channel On which channel the profile was subscibed
Make an action What action made the profile, how many and when. Use presets for date or choose your own
Interacted with tag With what tag of interest interacted the profile, how many and when
Referal ID Do the profile have any marks (REFID, UTM etc.)
Exclude other segment Exclude the profiles of other segments from this segment. You can choose only segments connected with this site
Include other segment Include the profiles of other segments to this segment. You can choose only segments connected with this site