Release (1.0.3)

In this release the following sections were updated: Sending cmpaigns recomendations, update Profiles

Send section

  • Campaign can't be edited if it is in pending status or in complete. You can edit only campaign in planning status.
  • Now we have block with campaign recomendation (Insights). Using this recomendations, users can understand if the campaign was good or bad enough with the point of view of general market data for this sort of sendings.

Profiles section

1. Now each profile has its own status. It gets according to the profile's activity:

Activity Description
Daily activity last action was during last 72 hours ago
Weekly activit last action was during 3-7 days ago
Monthly activity last action was during 7-12 days ago
Inactive no activity more than 21 days

2. In the profiles list we have the total actions and total segments where the current profile exists.

3. The block with the actions log of the profile was deleted, but you can download the full activity log in .csv.

4. New block with websites details was added. You can see all subscriptions and activity for this profile according to each website. Also you can edit or change the subscription to the website.

5. Main data of profiles (Profile card):

Gender and age Can be unidentified
Location Checked during first registration. The data goes from the website
Device Checked after each action. The data goes from the website
Registration date When and from what website the profile first registered in just
Latest mark The latest mark that profile gets (UTM, REFID, REFIDM etc.)
Latest segment the segment in what profile was added lately (including segment update)